Recruitment Associate Job Description

Are you a college student, or recent grad with big ambitions and looking to learn as much as you can about the real world before you are unceremoniously dropped into it?

Or perhaps you’ve decided to change career paths and are interested in learning the ropes, the tech world, the recruiting world, or both!

If so — you should apply to be the Recruiting + Research Intern and work for one of the punniest female entrepreneurs turned Recruiter to ever be spat out of Silicon Valley.

Spoiler alert: That third person I was referencing, it’s me! Maren Kate Donovan. Your (maybe) new boss and best (or at least most entertaining) reference for your future career — ever!

Who am I?

Angel List , if you don’t know what Linkedin is, check out my LinkedinRead my profile, if you are still drawing a blank — I’ll just tell you…

I’m a repeat entrepreneur who currently works professionally as a Recruiter helping tech startups scale their hiring whilst on nights and weekends noodles on her next startup.

Other things about me…

People say I am weirdly obsessed with pigeons; I say other people don’t spend enough time thinking about pigeons. They’re everywhere. I think they may be what aliens use to monitor us. Also, they are God’s littlest hustlers — you cannot keep a pigeon down.

I wrote a blog from the age of 21 on, about my climb up entrepreneurial mountain, then documented my painful fall back down it on Medium.

Why this role?

The goal of the R+R Associate exists to free up a Sr. Recruiter’s time, to focus on screening and reaching out to the best candidates for our clients, while providing valuable experience and mentorship for the Associate.

Outcomes expected:

  1. Handle all scheduling of phone screens for Sr. Recruiter across multiple client calendars, time zones and client-specific requirements.

  2. Research and prepare dossiers on candidates, sharing them in the proper folder and linking them in calendar invites for fluidity in the screening process.

  3. Take detailed, legible notes during phone screens conducted by the Sr. Recruiter.

  4. Manage ATS across clients, keep ATS up to date by setting up a specific time each day to process all changes and update profiles/cards.

  5. Research on Linkedin, Angel List + other sources to find qualified, gainfully employed potential candidates for Sr. Recruiter’s outbound sourcing.

  6. Research to find backchannel references for candidates.

Core-competencies required:

  1. Detail-orientated

  2. Incredibly reliable

  3. Excellent at research and finding out information, emails, numbers that aren’t immediately available

  4. Creative problem solver

  5. Hungry to learn and level up their skill set or career

Room for growth…

This is a specific internship BUT there is room for growth after you’ve proven yourself:

  • 3 months: by month three all outcomes should be a regular part of day to day
  • 6 months: at this point, there may be an opportunity to level-up in the organization if you have shown consistent high-quality work.

WARNING: If you do not read this and think “wow, that’s totally me!” please DO NOT APPLY and waste your precious time, and as importantly: mine. This role is made for a specific type of person, that being said if you read this and think “hot dog, let’s do this” please scroll down…

How to apply:

Send me an email at maren at inde dot co with the following:


Title: Applying for MKD’S R+R Intership


Answer the following questions:


1) What is one thing you recently learned that I probably would not know, explain it to me and tell me why you choose it as your example.

2) Write me at least one paragraph introducing yourself, what are your life goals, career goals? Where do you live, go to school, let me get to know you a bit ☺

3) What is an ATS, of the ones you found online, which would you want to test out first, and why.

4) If I were a candidate, and you wanted to do a backchannel reference check on me (if you don’t know what this is—that’s fine—just Google it) who would you reach out to and why?




Send that email into the ocean of bits traveling the information superhighway and let’s do this thing!