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9 out of 10 guests highly recommend Adagio!

Saying "90% of guests recommend us" is like saying "10% of our guests do not recommend us". It opens the question to the discerning traveler, "Oh my, what happened with the other ten percent?". Instead, I would use this statistic in a way that seems more positive. Also if one of out ten guests are not satisfied, that's a BIG problem when it comes to guest experience. 

Enjoy our best price guarantee and rewards for staying with us.   

Here you combine the best price guarantee and the 3rd point about Le Club Accorhotels. I would also have linked to Le Club in the text so those who would be interested could learn more without leaving Adagio's site. Since a full sentence was used in the first column we will continue that aesthetic throughout.    


Dedicated to putting the planet first.

The reason this shouldn't lead is a simple one: Aparthotel is not an eco-boutique. The main reason people are booking here is for business, not green tourism or eco-consciousness. That being said a subsegment may be interested, so it's okay as a column but should not be the lead. It's a nice-to-have, not a need-to-have in terms of marketing message.