First. We audit.

Unlike the IRS, our audits will leave you smiling.

There is no one-size-fits all when it come to creating an effective recruiting ecosystem—that’s why we always start with a 2-day audit of your current systems and processes. This can be done virtually or in-person. On day two we deliver a detailed SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) of your current flow and our suggested action plan. You can either execute on it internally, or engage us to handle the process for you.

Two days. Flat rate. Your happiness is guaranteed.


Next, We Optimize.

Hiring the best people, for the right roles, can be one of your biggest competitive advantages.

After we've done an audit of your systems, processes and people operations, we develop a unique Recruiting Ecosystem that scales with your company. 

Our team breathes, sleeps and eats People Operations—every aspect of what will make hiring at your company a joy will be optimized, tested and built with your startup's unique culture mind. 


Then, We Manage, or Hand-off.

We can manage your internal recruiting process until you're ready for a in-house recruiter or HR team.

Heck... we'll even help you hire, or train those people and do a seamless handoff. 

Our ongoing support pairs your startup with a Senior Recruiter who manages both outbound and inbound funnels based on what you need, as well as access to our Domain Experts who craft written and phone screens based on the role and ensure quality of candidates before we pass them off to your team for final screens.