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We help talented people find great jobs at remote-first, and remote-friendly companies.

We are the first platform of our kind that is focused on helping connect you with community, collaboration and vetted job opportunities.

Get certified in one or more areas of expertise by going through our vetting process. Once you are certified we present you with active opportunities based on your specifications, from compensation, to culture, to industry.

Working from anywhere is great, but it can also get lonely. We prioritize community and from day one are building Inde as a platform that allows remote professionals to interact and find their work tribes—outside of office walls.

The Old Way

Best case, you apply to various remote-roles, each with a unique interview process and hope to hear back above the noise. Worst case, you’re competing in a race-to-the-bottom through sites where unvetted workers are constantly undercutting on price.

The Inde Way

We are changing the way companies hire; by providing a place for excellent remote talent to skip the line and go straight to interviews with companies eager to hire the best people for the job, not just those who are physically near them.

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