the future of living, working and belonging.

We blend affordable, beautifully designed living spaces with a strong community ethos and a dash of entrepreneurial spirit.

We believe living in a community that seamlessly blends work, life and creative collaboration is more fulfilling for residents and better for society. Our neighborhoods take up a fraction of the space of their traditional counterparts, encourage improved health and happiness amongst residents, and foster a collaborative environment that works with the larger community to help solve local needs.






33 17th Street
New York, NY 10011



F-A-B Housing

We envision a future where housing functional, affordable and beautiful. This can be achieved through design-thinking, sustainable, streamlined construction and rethinking shared spaces. Our units are a fraction of the size of traditional apartment homes while being far more functional. Everything has a place, and purpose, we believe that living with less stuff, in less space frees our residents to experience and enjoy more of life. 

Community Co-Creation

Individuals who have a strong connection to their community are happier across the board. Vibrant, close knit communities often follow Dunbar’s number (which states that you can only really have close, reciprocal relationships with up to 150 people at a time). This is one reason that INDE neighborhoods range between 15 and 150 units, depending on local needs and demographics. 

We also are committed to each neighborhood co-creating it's own unique culture, together. There is no one size fits all or soulless architecture associated with most multi-family developments. Instead, we work with the local community to understand what that particular area needs, and wants, then we attract residents who are excited about living in that kind of community and continuing to co-create it as time goes on.

Innovation + Collaboration Spaces

Each INDE neighborhood has spaces carved out specifically for innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurial pursuit. We believe that every person has a creative, entrepreneurial side that can be tapped into to solve community problems, innovate and most importantly create independence for yourself and others.

People must band together and prepare for a future where technology will displace millions of workers. Creating new sectors where human innovation is rewarded, and relevant is key. That’s why Working Title spaces are a key component of each INDE neighborhood, and a tech platform that connects all of them globally will lead to exponential innovation.


We're always looking for like minds, if you have questions or are curious—please reach out!

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